RSD-100 DC/DC Wandler

Datenblatt: RSD-100



Compliance to EN50155 and EN45545-2 railway standard
2:1 wide input range
Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Input reverse polarity
4000VDC I/O isolation
Cooling by free air convection
Half encapsulated
Built-in constant current limiting circuit
1U low profile 36mm
All using 105 °C long life electrolytic capacitors
LED indicator for power on
100% full load burn-in test

Typ Eingangsspannung Ausgang V Ausgang A
RSD-100B-05 16,8-31,2V DC 5 VDC 20,0 A
RSD-100B-12 16,8-31,2V DC 12 VDC 8,4 A
RSD-100B-24 16,8-31,2V DC 24 VDC 4,2 A
RSD-100C-05 33,6-62,4V DC 5 VDC 20,0 A
RSD-100C-12 33,6-62,4V DC 12 VDC 8,4 A
RSD-100C-24 33,6-62,4V DC 24 VDC 4,2 A
RSD-100D-05 67,2-143V DC 5 VDC 20,0 A
RSD-100D-12 67,2-143V DC 12 VDC 8,4 A
RSD-100D-24 67,2-143V DC 24 VDC 4,2 A

Produktanfrage RSD-100 DC/DC Wandler

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